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February 18, 2019

Community Hall Booking Form


Looking for a spacious, clean, formal hall?

Mississauga Muslim Community Center has a big hall for general use! The Hall has a spacious seating which can accommodate 300 guests. The Hall also has a large kitchen which is used for warming and serving food only. It has 2 microwave ovens and 2 refrigerators for storing and cooling food. As well, the kitchen has a large counter (bar-style) to facilitate serving. Our community hall can be used for multi-purpose events and is ideal for gatherings such as Aqiqah, Nikah, birthdays etc.

Charges: For Khatm E Quran, the Hall can be booked for a nominal charge to cover the cleaning cost ($150). For any other events, the charge is $200 to $300 depending on number of guests.

Muslims who use the Hall for gatherings will enjoy:

  • A clean spacious dining room
  • Clean toilets and Wudu areas
  • Masjids for prayers, to be used by both genders

If you are interested in booking our Community Hall or fill the information below and submit to our office. A member of team of our team will get in touch with you.